• Strategic communication 2.0

  • Preparation for public speaking

  • Creation of presentations

  • Communication 2.0

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Training

  • Like it or not, your company is communicating on a daily basis. Your presentations, documents, reports, etc.

    Any and all material that crosses the threshold of your company is an identifier and has great potential: it represents you; it builds connections; and it sells for you. So, are your identifiers working for you?

  • We listen to you to find out what your company needs. We help you to create those materials you will need, taking care of the strategy, texts, design and… the presentation of all of these!

    We train you in oratory so you can face any kind of forum or situation and make your ideas stand out.

Let us evaluate you so that the staff at your company, as well as your business documents, project the quality of your brand.

Shall we cook together?

Aimed at

  • Entrepreneurs

    Any entrepreneurial project needs skilled communication to face two basic challenges: making your name and selling. We’ll help you to ensure that communication becomes your closest ally in the development of your personal strategy.

  • Companies

    Companies need to pay close attention to everything related to communication: the corporate image you want to project alongside the image each professional provides make the brand what it is. We evaluate companies and professionals so that every document and presentation becomes a tool for excellence.

  • Institutions

    The institutions are facing the challenge of maintaining approachability with a public that is ever more distant and mistrustful. We support the Public Administration and other organisations to create and execute communication plans that allow the development of closer links with society.

Our customers speak for us

  • Melina was a fundamental part of Oncovital’s initial steps. She helped us define our values, develop the business strategy and orient us in the world of social networks. Furthermore, I would highlight her infectious motivation and vitality…

    Author's imageMey RabellDirector - Oncovital
  • Social Cooking make working very easy and are always available… And always accompanied by a smile.

    Author's imageNoelia FerruzParque del Agua
  • Social Cooking have helped me with their rapid, effective and efficient cooking, creating dishes with great swathes of creativity and ingenuity.

    Author's imageMyriam MonterdeDirector - Arte por Cuatro

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